Min Woo Sun (선민우)

PhD Candidate at Stanford University

Currently: I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University, advised by Rob Tibshirani. I work at the intersection of AI/ML and biology, focusing primarily on the design and evaluation of statistical methods for high-dimensional problems and their applications to precision health. My interest spans multiple areas including statistics, computer vision, and game theory.

Previously: I graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Statistics and B.A. in Economics. During this time, I worked with Dennis Wall and Stefano Moretti. I also worked full-time as a Data Scientist at Invitae and as a Research Intern at Guardant.


Jan 25, 2024 Our paper on utilizing AI for analyzing laparoscopic surgery videos has been published in NEJM AI. 🧠
Aug 14, 2023 Our paper on valid confidence intervals for cox model error got accepted to Statistics in Medicine. 🛠️
Jun 20, 2023 I am starting my summer internship as a Research Intern at Guardant! 🩸

selected publications


  1. NEJM AI
    Artificial Intelligence Identifies Factors Associated with Blood Loss and Surgical Experience in Cholecystectomy
    Josiah Aklilu, Min Woo Sun, Shelly Goel, and 13 more authors
    NEJM AI, 2024


  1. stats med
    Confidence intervals for the Cox model test error from cross-validation
    Min Woo Sun, and Robert Tibshirani
    Statistics in Medicine, 2023


  1. BMC
    Game theoretic centrality: a novel approach to prioritize disease candidate genes by combining biological networks with the Shapley value
    Min Woo Sun, Stefano Moretti, Kelley M Paskov, and 6 more authors
    BMC bioinformatics, 2020


  1. PSB
    Coalitional game theory as a promising approach to identify candidate autism genes
    Anika Gupta*, Min Woo Sun*, Kelley Marie Paskov, and 3 more authors
    In PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM ON BIOCOMPUTING 2018: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium, 2018